Grow a tea bag garden

Tea bags are the perfect place to put your seedlings!

Why? Tea bags make great plant food. And because they have been dunked in boiling water, they're are sterile, so no bugs or diseases can get to your sapling, or young plant.  

 Here's what you'll need to start your tea-bag garden

• 21 used tea bags
• paper towel
• small plastic tray
• water
• Seeds: try pansy, lettuce, broccoli or marigold

What to do:

1 Fold the paper towel, put it in the tray and wet it.
2 Soak the used tea bags and pack them together like pillows in three
rows on the paper towel.
3 Make a hole in each bag and poke in a seed.
4 Put the tray in a warm place out of the sun. Take care to keep the paper
towel wet. It will keep the tea bags moist. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
5 When the seeds germinate and the seedlings are about 2 cm tall, plant
them in their bags in the garden.

To download this activity sheet click here